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Restore LibertyOK is a a training and education company focused on providing learning tools to grassroot leaders, candidates, and elected officials in the principles of liberty and prepare them for the fight ahead. Via seminars, books, video vignettes, monthly newsletter and one-on-one coaching, RESTORE LIBERTYOK is a conduit of information and support for all grassroot organizations to help get their message out on specific issues through our extensive network. We are a one-stop shop for those entering the marketplace of ideas in liberty politics. Our MISSION is to restore federalism...

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We offer a wide range of products to help people grow in their knowledge of America's founding principles. Knowing the real history of America and the proper role of government will increase the confidence and ability to share the ideas of Federalism. Over the years, we’ve noticed many liberty groups start strong but eventually turn into a social club and speakers bureau. Our mission is to arm you with information and prepare you with the tools needed to become a political foot soldier for Liberty. Restore Liberty will offer real solutions to the real problems plaguing us today. Most importantly, we will answer the age old question “What can we do”?